Kapolyi INSIGHT business breakfast

We organized a client breakfast inviting the representatives of listed companies, institutional investors and securities account managers, under the name of Kapolyi INSIGHT. At the event experts of Budapest Stock Exchange and Kapolyi Law Firm presented and summarized the key tasks and obligations of the relevant actors and stakeholders subject to the new act on long-term shareholder engagement.

The act on encouragement of long-term shareholder engagement adopted in July 2019 imposes new obligations on issuers, fund managers and insurance companies. During our Business Breakfast event, Kapolyi INSIGHT – hosted at the Bank Center – our speakers raised awareness about the implications of new duties and responsibilities for those affected. You can read more about the event on portfolio.hu.

Radio Interview on Bond Funding for Growth Scheme

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Television report

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European Law Firm: 2019 Guide to Debt Collection in Europe

The 2019 edition includes information on Court Proceedings, Online Civil Trial, EC Regulations and general information and FAQs on the recovery of foreign debt in Europe. The guide was first published in 2013 and updated in 2019 to include new information on Enforcement and to reflect the changes in legislation.


Favourable trend in group taxation of companies

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European Law Firm 2017 Guide to Company Incorporation in Europe

The members of European Law Firm have recently published a new guide to Company Incorporation in Europe. The guide focuses on the incorporation of private limited companies across the various European jurisdictions covered by our members. Despite the numerous EU-directives, there are still differences and variations in the way member states have chosen to address matters relating to the incorporation and control of limited companies. This guide is a valuable reference for anyone considering incorporating a company in another country or jurisdiction.

2017 Company Incorporation in Europe Guide