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A recently enacted Statute – replacing an earlier Government Decree – is now the guiding regulation on the permissibility of foreign investors acquiring Hungarian strategic companies and their undertaking of specific legal transactions

On the 17th of June 2020 an Act on the cessation of the emergency and the destiny of regulations made during this period[1] (Mixing-Act) was published according to which it has now been recorded at the statutory level that for the validity of specific transactions in strategic companies (by virtue of contract, unilateral declaration or […]

The Government Decree – essentially setting forth a requirement for governmental approval – for foreign investors acquiring ownership in Hungarian strategic corporations and conducting specified transactions will remain in force until the end of the year

On the 25th of May 2020 a Government Decree[1] (Decree) was published according to which for the validity of specific transactions in strategic companies (by virtue of contract, unilateral declaration or a resolution permitting: transfer of ownership free of charge or for consideration; capital increase; transformation, merger and division of the company; the issue of […]

The pandemic may accelerate the spread of electronic procedures in Hungary

The pandemic brought significant changes both in the everyday and work lives of people: the use of home office became widespread, while communication is conducted through phone, emails and video conferences. Concurrently for official matters, such as signing contracts and doing banking administration, a person’s signature and personal presence are often essential. According to Kapolyi […]

Competition law in the age of Coronavirus: state-owned venture capital and private equity funds may acquire companies more easily

Significant relief was granted to directly or indirectly state-owned venture capital and private equity funds which, individually or jointly with another company, acquire management rights in a company for investment protection purposes. During the period of the emergency, for transactions in which the acquired company was in a difficult situation as a result of the […]

Coronavirus: companies can receive state aid in these five categories according to the European Commission’s resolution

With respect to the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the European Commission has mitigated its position related to state aid and has temporarily amended the framework in the light of the crisis. The competition law expert of Kapolyi Law Firm summarized the most important information in this regard and the opportunities available to […]

Force majeure and MAC/MAE clauses during the period of Covid-19 in Hungary

What force majeure means? Force majeure (in the Hungarian legal language: “vis maior”) is a legal institution dating back to Roman law, and “means a force or event that human weakness cannot resist.”[1] The legal literature includes both overwhelming natural forces, such as earthquakes, floods, shipwrecks, other natural disasters, and certain human/social movements, such as […]

Advertisements and cartells during the coronavirus pandemic: competition law principles to consider

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of advertisements for health-related products and services has exponentially increased. In addition to existing ones, new players also entered the market and began selling products or services that do not fit their main profile. It is important however, that everyone utilises new business opportunities fairly, as […]