Budapest, a favourite destination for tourists

With it’s fascinating culture and vast array of events, Budapest has been added to the World’s Greatest Places 2023 list by Time Magazine and, thus ranked among the top tourist destinations; along with Barcelona and Naples. Let’s find out why it’s one of the most interesting tourist spots.

Budapest is the 9th largest city in the European Union, with centuries of history dating back to antiquity, with both Eastern and Western influences located at the heart of the continent. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, which is also supported by the opinions of the tourists who visited Budapest. With more than 800,000 TripAdvisor reviews, Budapest received the highest number of positive evaluations, exceeding any expectations

A Walk on the Reborn Chain Bridge and in the Castle District

The compilation by Time Magazine highlights that the world-famous, more than 160-year-old Chain Bridge was reopened to the public this year after a lengthy renovation process. The Buda Castle District has also seen the revival of many of its attractions, including St. Stephen’s Hall, the tower of Karakas Pasha and the Guards’ Barracks. The new, modern building of the Museum of Ethnography and the House of Hungarian Music with its special acoustics, situated in the City Park, which has been awarded an international architectural prize, have also recently been opened, and the Opera House is back to its former glory as well.

Start the Morning with a Real Coffee from Budapest

Budapest has always been renowned for its coffee and café culture since the time of the Turkish occupation. Today, the city still boasts of numerous high-quality cafés – all with a unique vibe. Some of them are more elegant, while some have a distinct patina or a modern feel, where you can enjoy delicious cakes, sandwiches, and salads alongside numerous coffee specialties.

A Dip in Europe’s Largest Spa

Hungary is uniquely rich in thermal waters.  “Taking the waters” in Budapest dates back to the times of ancient Roman and later the Ottoman occupation. One of the most famous spas in Budapest is the Széchenyi Spa, the largest in Europe and the 3rd largest in the world. The neo-baroque spa was also praised by the British newspaper, The Mirror, and it was included among its top 7 thermal spas.

Exploring the Nearly 200,000 Square Feet of the Parliament

Besides the Széchenyi Spa, the Hungarian Parliament is also a favorite tourist destination. According to the Stasher tourism blog, which lists the world’s top tourist attractions, the Hungarian Parliament beat-out even Disneyland in Paris. The building has been a World Heritage Site since 1987. With a floor area of around 18,000 square meters (approx. 200, 000 square feet), the Parliament building was constructed using nearly 40 kilograms (approx. 90 pounds) of gold, and its highest point, the dome tower stands 96 meters (approx. 315 feet) high.

A Tour of the Historic Jewish Quarter

Pest’s historic Jewish Quarter is one of the most atmospheric parts of the capital and its historic buildings rival those of other Jewish quarters in the region. The unique area of central Erzsébetváros, which dates back more than 200 years, has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002, along with Andrássy Avenue. Having survived the tragic twists and turns of history, it still has a vibrant social life, with landmarks such as the Dohány Street Synagogue (built in the late 1850s), the Hungarian Jewish Museum, the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Garden, and the Gozsdu Courtyard, now known for its nightlife.

Budapest is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the city’s unification and it is preparing a colorful cultural program to mark the occasion, thus in addition to popular attractions such as the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Basilica or the Hungarian National Museum, the Hungarian capital offers tourists a wide range of seasonal activities too

Immerse Yourself in the Budapest Night

Budapest offers plenty of options for those looking for entertainment, whether it’s traditional pubs, modern bars, or dance clubs. The city is full of reasonably priced catering facilities, enhanced by uniquely decorated and atmospheric “ruin pubs”, which are a popular choice with foreign visitors.